The Skywalk's Success

As the video portrays, the Grand Canyon Skywalk has gained immense media attention and support from the community in the last two years since its opening. Even in the blustering winds, photographers and news anchors did not hesitate to visit the Skywalk and to publicize its innovative form and unmeasurable strength.

In showing the famous Apollo 11 moonwalk astronaut Buzz Aldrin walking across the newly opened attraction, the video confirms that the Grand Canyon Skywalk is gaining deserved attention from the public and is bringing the nation together. Charlie Vaughn, the Hualupai Chairman, and the first Native American astronaut John Herrington also accompanied Buzz Aldrin on the walk, clarifying even more so that the Native American community and the Non-Native community are uniting under the Skywalk's success.

The video also shows how the work of the Hualupai tribe has caught the eye of the international community and that the structure seems to have no boundaries in terms of its audience. While it may be a small glimpse of the tribe's commitment to nature, the final scene of the young man keeping watch of the trash can clearly shows that the Hualupai still wants to protect the canyon itself. It also portrays that the tribe still maintains great respect for nature and that, with hope, that principal may find a place in the hearts of those who visit the Skywalk.