The Native American Church

The Native American Church is a Church that practices Peyotism; also known as Peyote Religion. This church originated in the United States in Oklahoma and it is the most widespread religion among Native Americans. Petoye is a spineless cactus and it was used in the territory of modern-day Mexico to commune with the spirit world. Statistics show that Peyotism is practiced in more than 50 Indian tribes and about 250,000 adherents.

These beliefs varies from tribe to tribe and the beliefs are centered around Jesus. For the Native American Church, the rituals begin around 8 p.m on Saturday and goes through the night. They include a prayer, the eating of the peyote, Peyote songs, water rituals, and contemplation. The ritual involving the Peyote is believed to allow communion with God and the deceased. It is supposed to give power, guidance, and healing to anyone who takes communion and the healing may be emotional or physical; or both.

Involved with the Native American Church is a man named Quannah Parker. He was credited for finding the Native American Church movement, which started in the 1890's and formally incorporated in 1910. He adopted the Peyote religion when he saw the vision of Jesus Christ as he was suffering from a fatal wound in a battle with Federal Troops. Under his leadership, Peyote came an important item of trade, and this including the Church Movement, gave Parker lots of wealth during his lifetime.